I've never quite understood all of these befree reports... for years I've been confused by them. sad huh?

Affiliate Reports vs. Affiliate Site Reports?
I assume the left is for all of your sites, and the right is broken down by each individual sub affiliate site? But..then the reports are different between the two. Why not just have a selection [all sites] [xxx] [yyy] on each report?

Sales Vs. Revenue?
Sales is pre-ship and will later show on revenue assuming everything goes through? (credit card, not cancelled, etc..) Or is it something different?

Affiliate Site Reports: Traffic Vs.
Affiliate Site Reprots: Affiliate Site Daily Traffic ??

These seem to be the same thing, yet, they show totally different results for me! Traffic shows a lot of impressions and click throughs every day. Affiliate Site Daily Traffic shows some impressions and NO click throughs for only -3- days this whole month!

There just seems to be many reports which duplicate each other, but, then, some don't even show the same information..

I'm confused. :confused:

Thanks for any clues. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]