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    Is there anyone who is receiving returned sales for almost every sale at Best Buy?

    There is one thing that is beating my mind.
    Almost all sales which are made through our site to Best Buy are returned back to them.

    I always see an order is shipped only to return the next day and see it cancelled or returned when I run our reports.
    Makes me feel like dropping them.

    Since Jan, we have had 13,487impressions 2,019 click throughs with only 22 sales which i find very funny and to top it up, out of the $9,778.13 sales made $7,039.78 were returned back to Best Buy

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    The dollar amount you managed was impressive ... I'm sorry they did'nt stick.

    I have been a little more fortunate although it's to bad may conversion isnt better.

    3,460 click thrus
    $5,974 in sales
    0 returns

    Havent had a sale since 5/18 though

    Hope it gets better for you [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]


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    Their affiliate program is probably run by an outside affiliate management firm who does this for all their clients. They cancell 50% of all legit sales, setup diversion tactics and manage their clients on the parasite/scumware programs for outside fees. Pure play advertiser like Dell and Walmart with no attention to sales commissions except on how to minimize them. BestBuy will never be a affiliate friendly company...period!! Now prove me wrong!

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