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    I haven't used any merchants as for over a year, for the simple reason that I only ever received a couple of checks out of the many that were owing. In short I lost a lot of money through merchant fraud at

    Last night I decided to apply to a few befree merchants - must have been a brain freeze.. Turns out it was a waste of time anyway as most of them rejected me using this - we are unable to accept foreign based payees as this time.

    So basically what merchants are saying is - "we know your site only attracts US visitors, we know that our target market visits your web site, and we know that you'll make us money, but I'm sorry, we don't want you in our program as we don't know how to post a check to another country..

    I just find that rubbish annoying!

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    Incredible and worrying.

    I have sigend up with Tiger Direct (but have fulll faith in them) and Baby Universe (no faith in them after reading old threads here). I may try to dump BU for another merchant if I can find one, and leave only TF at Befree. Neither site is in the search engines yet so I have time.

    What did you try to sign up for? I am "foreign" and got accepted by almost everything I tried.

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    I don't really want to say that much regarding which merchants..

    As for Tiger Direct, I'll sign up with them as soon as they switch networks.. Actually, Andy.. where are you?? If you do everyone the courtesy of swapping networks over to CJ, I'll spend all my time for the next few months developing sales for you.. I'll even get my new batch of apprentices to work on it.. This should make up for any shortfalls you have due to the inflated costs at CJ. I'd also bet that you'd find a new batch of affiliates who can really produce the goods and increase your sales far and above what they are now.. I also can't see you losing any of your producing affiliates by a switch over to CJ.

    Looks like everyone would win except BeFree [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]

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    If I may speak candidly: After carefully judging all of the forums on this site and from looking at my own conversion data (based on over 35,000 clicks in the last 4 months), I have come to the conclusion that BeFree is just not worth it. There are a few advertisers that perform well, but for the most part, they 1) don't seem to care for their affiliates, 2) don't track many of the sales and 3) use too many spam programs (like Morpheus) that hurt their best customers.

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    TigerDirect there at BeFree does record every sale so they are a safe bet. I see one sale at TD for every 118 clicks. Many merchant's there use 800# -Zero Cookie days and flakey sales reporting tags resulting in a lot of leakage on affiliate clicks.

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