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    Do I have to register at Be Free for each URL I want to place affiliate links on or can I just use one account and add domains to it? Anyone know?

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    The highly advanced interface at Befree makes you have to just say screw it and contact the merchant and inform them what you are doing. God forbid they add another table to link multiple sites. I wish I was a programmer there, I am pretty sure you just get paid for keeping your desk clean.

    Previously you could create multiple accounts and merge them. But that has been taken offline for 3 months!?!?!!?!!?!!? To improve it. I think the best improvement Befree could see is [inappropriate remark] then all their programs moving somewhere else.


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    The Be Free system does have the concept of more than one site belonging to an affiliate. So for one affiliate relationship you have with a merchant, you can have more than one site. Traffic and sales will be reported separately for each site.

    As Chet has so eloquently observed, you cannot currently manage this yourself in You do need to contact the merchant to get a second site added. I know this sucks if you have a ton of merchants, or even just a few. If you need help reaching a merchant or dealing with this process, let us know --

    I'll spare you the history of why this is, but it has a lot to do with the affiliate data schema that we've had. The data conversions we've been working on set us up to resolve this and as I've said in other threads, we're working on allowing you to self-manage this.

    And if you saw my desk, Chet, you'd see that we don't get paid to keep them clean.


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    BeFree doesn't seem to be penalizing me for running ads from different domains. It is a bit unfair for those merchants who really want to track where their ads get displayed. I think most really don't long as you aren't porn, hate...

    For those that care to see the different sites used by an affiliate, I think it would be easier for beFree to have reports on the HTTP referrer, than to depend on lazy affiliates to keep good records.

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