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    One of the issues I have had with the Partner Gateway, (current and previous versions) is within the transaction summaries by merchant/site. What is the significance of the Items Ordered/Items Shipped Columns? Why are they here instead of a more useful columns such as the Orders/Orders Shipped?

    I want to know my conversion rates, and I cannot use this value to inflate my %, I need to dig into the individual merchants to find the actual order counts. This is not fun with more than a few merchants. Is this something that could be considered as an upgrade? For me personally, it is valuable. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif[/img]


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    Hi IamJalopy,

    I see your point. Let me explain why it is this way.

    Tracking in the Be Free system is done at the order/item level, not just the order level. Merchants don't only tell us that an order occurred for say $100.00. They tell us that there were 6 Red widgets at $10 each and 2 Blue Widgets at $20.00 each.

    This is how you can get detailed product level detail in your merchant-specific reports unlike in other programs.

    As I think you know, you don't get commissions until these items are marked as shipped. Each item is marked as shipped, not the whole order. So you'll get commissions even on a partial shipment of orders.

    As far as reporting on number of orders, that's easy, and we could do that. The problem is that it can be confusing because you're not necessarily going to get commissions on that whole order all at once. We'll look into that as a shorter term thing.

    Reporting on shipped orders gets more complicated because of the partial shipment thing.

    As we were designing the Partner Gateway, I had this whole report in my head that started out at the order level, with all the statuses that you've described and then drilled down to the item level. We had to cut bait on that as it was too ambitious for the recent release. I haven't given up on it though.

    I do see how this affects your ability to track conversion. Reporting your conversion rates for each merchant is something that I can sink my teeth into and I'll do some investigation there.



    Scott Jangro

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