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    What does Acclaim status attached to a merchant **really** mean? BeFree says it means the merchant meets "partner friendly criteria."

    Wouldn't an affiliate manager contact be the most basic partner friendly criteria? It would to me, yet Expedia provides no contact either through BeFree or through their promotional emails to their affiliates.

    How about parasiteware? I certainly don't consider other affiliates stealing my commissions as "partner friendly" yet Expedia condones parasiteware.

    How about cookies? I want to know that I will be paid for the business my customer gives to Expedia a few days after he first clicks on a link/banner from my site. Expedia doesn't give me a penny for that.

    Scott, it would seem to me that the Acclaim program recognizes merchants who are lucrative to BeFree, but what are the real criteria to back up BeFree's contention that "partner friendly" is one of them?

    Thank you.

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    The absence of a response from our BeFree representative further calls into question this matter. Why the silence?

    I have received one email from a regular on these boards that he feels exactly as I do. What do others here think? Do you also wonder what is "partner friendly" about BeFree's Acclaim designation?

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    I assume you mean the parasitewares are partners of Expedia. Therefore it is partner friendly.

    They have repeatedly stated on this board that they are not going to give small and medium size affiliates access to the Acclaim criteria.

    If you do want access to it, I suggest you stop being so lazy. Try developing a program that will insert a befree tag whenever a surfer types a url into the adress bar, or something along those lines.

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    >>The absence of a response from our BeFree representative further calls into question this matter. Why the silence?<<

    The absense of a response is nothing other than the fact that you asked on a Friday afternoon and it is now merely Sunday.

    Explaining the Acclaim program is not a quick answer, but if you want a quick "Sunday answer", here you go. The Acclaim program revolves around getting you paid monthly and on time. That was the most important issue a year and a half ago and it did and continues to make a difference.

    We recognize that return days (cookies) are an important factor and we are working to make that easier for you to see. And we ARE working very actively on the commission-diversion issue. Throwing these things into the Acclaim program isn't necessarily the solution.


    Scott Jangro

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    I hope BeFree realizes that it needs to keep pushing the envelope on affiliate friendliness. A company that conveniently drops the affiliate tag has little problem making the monthly payment...becuase the monthly payment doesn't really exist.

    I appreciate all the steps befree takes to making the program better. Just keep going forward...define the problems and keep doing the right thing. Ever scrap of info that affiliates can use to increase their profits will make more profits (I mean less losses) for Valueclick.

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