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    Hello everyone. This is my first post. I have an automotive website, and we have hundreds of power links leading to search results on ebay motors. We are not being credited for any bids coming from the ebay motors category, although we get bids coming from all sorts of other categories. Please check your stats and see if this is happening to you, also.

    Five different times, I have let the people at befree know this, but still not one bid has appeared from this category. Does anyone have a clue on this one?

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    I hope I don't sound stupid saying this but I think autos would not receive all that many bids. They generally cost more than the average impulse buy and location is a huge factor vs items that ups can drop at your door.


    Oh and Welcome to abestweb


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    Hi Mike. Thanks for your message. At first blush you wouldn't think too many bids would be coming from the ebay motors category. The thing is, though, there are many different items besides vehicles that are listed under this category.

    For example under the ebay motors category you will find repair manuals, parts, floor mats, seat covers, key remotes, tools.......more or less anything related to autos and motorcycles. We sell auto manuals on our site, and there are thousands listed under the ebay motors category.

    We noticed a large dropoff in the number of bids we were being credited for when they started breaking out the bids by category. Somehow or another the programmers must have left out the ebay motors category, since we have not gotten one bid from that area.

    I'm just really frustrated with the people at befree for not addressing this issue. I know they have been dealing with this larger issue of the entire reporting system being in disarray, but it would be nice if they would look into this, also. Any responses would be appreciated.

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