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    The checks from BeFree are printed on a full page, with a micro-perforation separating the check from the rest of the page. They are then folded in thirds to fit into the envelope, and invariably, the fold is an eighth of an inch below the perforation rather than on it. It makes it much more difficult to tear.

    Can someone adjust the folding machine so that the fold is on the perforation?

    Michael Coley

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    Speaking of folding papers, sticking stamps and expensive money transfers, the last time I looked, you don't have to fold the electrons to consolidate payments and send it ACH.

    Of course, since BeFree probably has eBates loaded on all the servers, maybe electronic transfers are not a good idea.

    Protophoto - Short Stories

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    Just got done opening the latest round of checks. Finally got the fold on the perforation! YAY!
    Saved me lots of time and lots of nice neat looking checks now!
    Can you go train in the linkshare folks now?

    Connie Berg

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