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    This one doesn't involve math...just logic.

    Ticket Solutions has a program with BeFree...How can anyone make a commission on Ticket Solutions when you can't "buy" tickets from their site, you can only "view" them. The view ticket screen doesn't even show a referral code.

    Now my guess is that the secret data at BeFree shows that TicketSolutions has a near zero dollar EPC.

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    Looks to me like you can buy tickets there.

    I viewed some bruins tickets and from there I could add them to my cart and check out.


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    It must just be a few select venues.

    When I joined I could get Jazz tickets, after adding the links, I couldn't and removed the links. Time wasted.

    Browsing events at random, it seems that most of the events lead to just the view ticket screen with the 800 number. You can buy Boston Bruin tickets, but not UCLA Bruins. I wasn't able to get any College Tickets.

    Since only a few of the links work, the only way TS can be viable to an affiliate is if they have product linking (ie to a specific event) which they did not have when I checked last.

    I suspect that the majority of traffic driven by affiliates of the program is going to events that they cannot buy online. (Based on randomly clicking the the site)

    I fear that many people who just add TS ads without checking which events are available will just end up feeling frustrated when they finally decide to try the program.

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