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    January 18th, 2005
    I noticed that if you are not accepted, you have to open up a whole new account when your site does meet their expectations.

    I have 6 of these things open now and it is the biggest pain having to go from one to the other.

    Is there any way to get all my accounts put on the same one?

    ***+ why is it that even though i changed my url a couple years ago people are still contacting me to join their affiliate saying my url is a very old one i first signed up with?

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    January 18th, 2005
    These things all used to be true, but they shouldn't be any more.

    If you applied and got declined, you can later be approved without reapplying. You need to appeal via email.

    The URL thing shouldn't be true any more. When you change it, it should change in all instances (there aren't a lot of copies of your account info any more.)

    The consolidate login functionality has been temporarily disabled. That'll be back mid January -- then you should be able bring accounts together.

    In any case, you can get help from to deal with any of these things. It's possible that an older account may have some old data to clean up after our conversion. Let us know if we can look at your specific case. You can also email me directly.


    Scott Jangro

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