I hope that all of you are doing well.

Below you will find the only current valid codes for the GiveAnything.com Affiliate Partners. For instance codes like SANTA, are not to be posted or generating affiliate sales, as they were not sent out from the affiliate program.

Here are the 3 codes that are currently valid for the GiveAnything.com Affiliate Program:

Code: lastminutegift
Discount: 5% off $35+
Expires: 12/25/02

Code: InstantDelivery
Discount: 10% off $50+
Expires: 12/26/02

Code: Rudolph
Discount: $10 off $100+
Expires: 12/26/02

I know that this month we have had some confusing codes, some have been for customer database use only and I appreciate your support.

If you are a partner, and a member of the GiveAnything.com customer database, you are welcome to use the SANTA code, however it cannot be posted on your site, and rev-share will not be earned through it.

I really thank you for your support, have a wonderful weekend, and I look forward to this Prosperous Holiday and New Year!

Lizabeth Cole
Affiliate Marketing Manager
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