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    If I'm not mistaking, wasn't bought by valueclick or something like that awhile ago? I haven't seen anything about that. But I remember seeing a notice a while ago about Befree being bought by another company?

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    I hate the advertising mindset within the affiliate pay-per-performance industry. It breeds parasitic applications -spyware -popups -flash Ads -popunders and spamm. Add in spywarez data mining of personal information that gets sold off to any willing partner and you have the Online Ad industry.

    Hopefully Valueclick has no influence on the BeFree day to day operations and only rules by ownership & Board of Director meetings.

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    The Valueclick trading symbol is VCLK. You can find a great deal of info on publicly traded total revenues, expense, and in valueclick's case, losses.

    Valueclick bought beFree for less than the amount of cash BeFree had in the bank. Of course, Valueclick was also trading at less than cash. So it was not as bad of a deal as it seems.

    I admit, I've been worried about whether or not VCLK will drop the affiliate business. We are far to prolitarian for the high minded marketers of the big dot coms.

    On the upside...the improvements to the partner gateway came after the there is hope, but there has not been a large influx of merchants. So my fears still nag. As far as I can tell, beFree has fewer merchants now than before the merger...gulp.

    Personally, i think beFree is Valuclick's most valuable asset, but they have a tendency to veer toward the advertising mantality that ecomcity loathes. In my opinion, They have not lived up to their potential.


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