I saw that you have an announcement in the Merchant Partner site saying that you will be putting the consolidate account function back on line. Good show. I am happy to see forward movement

I was thinking about this feature. Coupled with BeFree's new site reporting, the consolidate account feature creates an opportunity for people to form web site cooperatives.

There are a lot of sites with a little bit of ad traffic, but not enough to consistently break the minimum payments. If they are all in the same coop, they would use their site ID for ads. The coop would collect payment, then pay its members from the site report. A coop would probably have sufficient traffic to collect payment each month.

I was also thinking...There are probably lots of people who signed up for BeFree, but never really got anywhere. They have a hundred bucks or so carried forward from month to month. Consolidating these sites into the coop would put the breakage into large enough pools to be collected.

The consolidate account program does one final really cool thing. Since people can consolidate accounts, it makes it easier for a web owner to sell their site. I can actually see an opportunity for people who love to build sites to build and sell affiliate powered web sites.

I was thinking of account consolidation as a baby step, but, when I think of the bigger picture, it is a little larger than that, and opens up interesting possibilities. Good show.