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    Yes, is lowering the commission on direct merchant certificate purchases to 3%, but we are also raising the base commission rate for all SuperCertificate sales to 4% with the potential to earn up to 7% based on monthly sales volume. A SuperCertificate is a gift certificate to that can be redeemed for hundreds of original gift certificates. Our merchants represent hundreds of locations online and thousands of locations across the U.S.

    I would encourage you to take a look at our merchant list at By managing one partnership with you are able to provide your customers access to nationally recognized merchants in the following categories: apparel, beauty and spa, dining, entertainment, home, and travel. This includes merchants like Olive Garden, Bath & Body Works, Spiegel, The Sharper Image, etc.

    How much is your time worth? Would you rather spend your time managing hundreds of individual relationships which you would have to do to have access to the same number of quality merchants and earn a little more than 4% or manage one relationship with the opportunity to earn 7%?

    Did you catch the other half the January communication where mentioned " does not support these traffic-redirecting marketing practices or any other questionable marketing practices!"? The February newsletter stated that the terms and conditions have been updated which will soon be available online. The updated terms and conditions state the following.
    "You agree that you will not include in questionable marketing practices. “Questionable marketing practices” include but are not limited to: SPAM, which is the distribution of unwanted or unsolicited commercial messages; and the use of software or other products that could potentially redirect Internet traffic or divert commissions from other partners of
    If you employ any variation of the questionable marketing practices defined above, and requests that you cease from maintaining such practices may immediately terminate any and all agreements and obligations it has to or with you."

    I recall reading in ABW that some of you would take a lower commission rate to partner with a merchant that did not partner with those affiliates that were using such products. You asked merchants to take a stance and support you. Now the ball is in your court to practice what you have preach.

    If you would like to talk in more detail please contact me at (402) 951-4129 or send me an email at

    Thanks – I look forward to continuing to work with you in the future and look forward to establishing relationships with those of you who are new to and the affiliate industry.

    Noel Sommers
    (402) 951-4129

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    Thanks Noel!
    I realize their is not much margin on Gift Certificates and understand not being able to offer a real high commission.
    And I do appreciate the way you are doing business. I would rather promote a parasite free merchant at a lower rate, at least I know I will get credit for all my sales.

    If a merchant pays 10%, but you only get credit for 1/2 your sales because of parasites, well...that kinda makes the commisson rate a lot lower!

    You guys have been very good to me in the last year or so, I appreciate it.

    Connie Berg

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