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    Can we promote these coupons for

    I have seen some new ones at As far as I know does not allow this.

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    I am under the understanding that we cannot post only the ones that start in the number 7. I had an email from Karin that stated this at one time.
    I see them all over the place so I assume that it is the rule.
    How nice of you to try to bring this up and try to "out" me.
    Seems from your other post that you have some kind of beef with me or something. Seems like your goal is to get me in trouble.

    Connie Berg

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    The Swamp

    Maybe if you spent as much time building your site and promoting it as you are attacking Connie, you can have a site that is as successful as Connie's. Connie was worked very hard over the years to build what she has. She has not done so using questionable affiliate tactics.

    As has been pointed out to you in the other thread more than once, ask the merchant. It is also not uncommon for merchant's to provide special deals for "successful" affiliates. Become successful and maybe you can take advantage of some of these also. Do you even know who Karin is? If not, then that says a lot right there.

    Your posts are really beginning to look like harrassing of another board member. How about you spend less time on Connie's site and more time building and promoting yours? You might just be pleasantly surprised.

    Keep Your Hands Off My Cookies

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    It does no good to:
    -Single anyone out
    -Expose other affiliates
    -Make merchants smarter

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    The latter is my main concern. We should not be tattling and bickering amongst ourselves, but, sticking together. We are all on the same side, or, so I thought.

    Not to sound like a 3rd grader, but, Connie did start it. What goes around comes around, and, why I tried to discourage it the last time in the Amazon thread, frankly I'm surprised this retaliation hasn't happened sooner.... I'm making an assumption that Yikole is retaliating, I could be off base, but, this is just nonsense on all sides.

    my opinion.

    Merchants: Do you realize that some of your affiliates are being paid commission on sales which you have paid for via PPC, offline advertising, and your targeted mailings?

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    Yikole and all,

    There will be no more singling out of any affiliate sites allowed on ABW.

    We are working together to learn and earn more, not find ways to undermine each other!

    Ban warnings will be issued if this happens again!


    The secret of success is constancy of purpose. ~ Disraeli

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