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Alwayslearning said:

In the thread made by tiger direct, they said the linking template for befree is:

Now, this is great because I can follow that template when using CJ or BF.

I don't like to post in the other providers' forums, sort of a gentleman's agreement, but I did want to comment on this.

Cyclone and Pete's comments are right on and I wanted to reiterate that.

In the BeFree system, some merchants can support that direct link, others don't. It depends on how they have tracking set up on their site. Some merchants, like Tiger, Ashford, World of Watches,, etc, do support this type of linking. Others do not.

The best bet is to ask the merchant, or someone at Be Free. This sort of linking is very powerful and with power comes risk. It'll be worth the effort to ask and be sure.

We're working to make some tools available by merchant that will make it more clear that they support this. In the meantime, ask. If you can't get an answer, ask me.