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    I had them awhile ago and they deactivated and they had a $50 minimum and they owed me $9. They left, came back and now the minimum is $25. I was checking My Commissions and they are listed twice:

    Camera World - $50 payment minimum - old deactivated program where its listed they owe me $9.


    CameraWorld(A Ritz Interactive Company) - $25 minimum . The current affilate program.

    Is there anyway to get the $9 they owed me from the old program where the minimum was $50, into the new program where the minimum is $25. Thanks

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    Transferring money between two different merchants (as that's effectively what this is) is not something that can be easily done in our system.

    However, I'll look into it on Monday to see what can be done. Can you please send me an email with your Partner Gateway login name?



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