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    We are ready to start an affiliate program, selling pet supplies. We have our own shopping cart software to accommodate the program, which will be online in about a week.
    The company will offer over 40,000 products, the largest such offering in this channel.

    Would it make any difference to an affiliate if we were under this program or simply our own.
    The main difference we see is a high cost on our part of signing up with this company.
    Thereafter paying them a commission in addition to the commission to the affiliate.
    Since we sell at deep discount we could only offer a commission of 10%.
    If we have to pay a company such as this we would only be able to offer the affiliate 7%.

    What are your thoughts, do we need them or not?

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    What are your thoughts, do we need them or not?
    I would say no, but, try reading the complaints and possible pluses from the other BeFree threads . . . you'll see why I suggest no. Plus, I would have to say no to less than 10% myself; there's just too much time and costs involved.

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