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    January 17th, 2005

    For some reason Payless Shoe Source Banners are not loading very well. I noticed this about a month ago and have since taken the banners down. If you go into the 'select merchant' area where you retrieve the banners, watch how they don't show up. If you wait long enough (about 5 minutes) they finally show up. I have made sales with them and would still like to promote them. I even tried to write them twice and no response.

    And, as of today, eBags banners are doing the same thing (only a few show up). I am not sure if BeFree uses servers for these or if the merchants themselves use the servers to upload banners but, someone should look into this.

    One more item, for awhile now I have been wanting to ask about Gap and Old Navy banners. Why do I have to keep refreshing my pages for these banners to show up. Sometimes they load and often times they don't (more times NOT showing up than showing up).



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    January 18th, 2005
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    I noticed this morning our eBags banners are not loading either.

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    Hi Michael, Linda:

    Most images in our links are hosted by the merchant (or whoever they use for image hosting, like Akamai).

    I noticed the slow Payless banners as well. I'm sure they're aware of it.


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    Save them to your server, problem solved.

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