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    Just started promoting eBay through Befree in a new site. Nickels are getting reported. But not $5 commission for registration. I never promoted eBay. So I would guess this nickels are for the bids from new members who clicked-through my site. Is this right? Or I am missing something? If that is right, when will the $5 commission show up in my account for these new registration?

    Befree eBay veterans please help.

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    Hi KCEdit,

    Payment Structure at CJ. I think BeFree's is the same.

    $0.05 for Bids
    $5.00 for NEW Registrations

    I don't know your Site and how you Promote eBay (just Banner or Creatives with actual Auctions), but I can tell you this:

    You will see a lot of Bids without Registration, because a lot of people already have an eBay account.
    You get only $5.00 for a NEW eBay account.

    I would start getting worried, when you can already see a decent number of Bids, but no Registration.

    Carsten Partner

    If you can't move things, try harder!

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    Thanks Carsten. I thought I only get bids commission when they become ebay member through me. I'll wait a couple of more weeks, see whether any $5 commission shows up.

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