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    January 17th, 2005
    Is anybody affiliated with eBay (at BeFree)?
    If "Yes", then When payment status will be updated? (Approved? or else?).

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    I might be a little off, and Scott, correct me if I am, but, the status doesn't go from "Payable" to "Approved" until the merchant has a chance to review all the sales (bids or registrations or orders) for the previous month.

    Some merchants take a little longer if there's a lot of data to go through. I have one merchant, who pays 45 days from the end of the month. For example, march 2003's payment was "Payable" until somewhere around the 25th of April, then went to "Approved". Went to "Submitted" around the 10th of May, then went to "Paid" on the 13th of May. I should see this check probably today (May 17th) or Monday (May 19th).

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    You pretty much nailed it steve, though they don't need to review the actual transactions -- that happens on an ongoing basis. They're reviewing your actual payments.


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    Thank you stevem224!
    Actually I need to know if they will pay me at all.
    Or maybe I just waste a time and advertising resources on it. That is why I need to know from existing eBay affiliates about how much time I need to wait for "Paid" status from eBay.
    Thank you again for your reply Steve!

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    I don't think you have to worry about getting paid. The problem is the timeliness of the payment. My check for February ebay bids/registrations wasn't cut until the 5th of May. The length of time varies. Hopefully the March checks won't take so long, although it has it been a month and a half already.

    Scott, if there was a little more communication from the AM when the checks are going to be delayed, you would avoid frustrating your affiliates. I think a month is a reasonable benchmark for getting the checks out. Just a suggestion......


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