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    I applied to few merchant programs and was not accepted. I think the reason was because the reviewed the wrong site. How do I apply to affiliate programs and have them review the propper site.

    TIA Doug

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    add a new site profile in your account.
    and use that site profile to submit application

    if you are non-US address,
    and apply to US merchant.

    The merchants just assume your traffic is non-US, no matter what site URL provided to them for review.

    In their mind:
    non-US address = mon US site

    Unless Befree add a place for webmasters to describe our site demographics.

    Otherwise, merchants just look at your physical address.

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    I had this problem with priceline. It is actually fairly complicated because once one of your sites gets dinged the application doesn't show up for others.

    I sent notes to priceline and befree and they reinput the site that got turned down (it shows up 3 times now in my drop down boxes) and approved it. It is the wrong site for priceline, but I am making some sales.

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    I am the AM for United Online (NetZero / Juno). What kind of sites are you managing? We are registered on BeFree and I am interested in building some stronger sales contacts through BeFree. Look forward to hearing from you.

    Keith Wilson

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