I received the following email


Citibank Home Equity Affiliate Program is Live!

Our home equity affiliate program is live on beFree.com! We would like to have
you as one of our home equity product affiliates. With this low rate market,
our home equity loans and lines of credit are in extremely high demand. Over
the past year we have re-launched our site to be more informative and easier to
navigate. Please login onto beFree.com and sign up to our affiliate program so
that we can all take advantage of a low rate environment and start earning
commissions today!

Thank you.
We look forward to a long relationship.


Do you understand what to do next ?

They have a program at Befree all the time.
Thus, i really don't understand what he meant.

1. He re-activates his Befree Program Now?
2. He starts another new program with Befree ? If so, how to apply ?