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    This looks promising, I'll just copy-and-paste the whole lot for those who aren't enrolled in Befree:
    Be Free recently launched BFAST® Express, a new version of its BFAST merchant software designed to meet the needs of small- and mid-size merchants. With this new product, Be Free also introduces the 1-Check program, which allows BFAST Express merchants to provide consolidated affiliate payments. If you become an affiliate of one or more of these merchants, the commissions you earn from them will be paid to you in one check.

    The payment minimum for the consolidated check is $25. In order to allow affiliates time to join 1-Check merchants and start generating commissions, the first checks for the 1-Check program will be sent in August to affiliates that have met the consolidated payment minimum.

    You can identify 1-Check merchants in the Partner Gateway by noting their special symbol . Merchants in the 1-Check program are identified in the Acclaim/1-Check column on the Join Merchants and My Merchant Partners sections. In the Merchant Detail, the 1-Check merchants have $25 Consolidated as their Payment Minimum.

    There's more stuff about having to accept new affiliate agreements for this etc etc, but this is a step in the right direction.

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    Yes... I just noticed that this morning .
    It sheds a whole light on Be Free . Until I spotted that, I never really gave much effort to any advertiser in the network . You know what they say ... Nothing ventured, nothing gained , and that's where I sit right now with BeFree , nothing really gained as of yet

    I tried to see who was participating in this consolidated payment program, looking for that checkmark symbol, but I guess I didn't look long enough . I only skimmed through the first few pages of advertisers and didn't spot any.

    I hope we don't have to dig down deep into each and every individual advertisers program details to find the symbols .

    Anyone happen to have a handy list of the names of the advertisers participating in this ?

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    I looked down the list but didn't see any with the graphic. They may not have any merchants in the 1-Check program yet.

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    I think there are currently only EBAGS & FOGDOG SPORTS in this 1-Check program. It's just a guess.

    Hopefully more will be in it soon.

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    Hi guys,

    Please see my explanation here:

    ebags and fogdog are not in the program. Only some of the new merchants will be enrolled into the 1-Check program. Existing merchants won't be migrated yet. Hopefully my in the above thread will make it more clear.



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