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Be Free recently launched BFAST® Express, a new version of its BFAST merchant software designed to meet the needs of small- and mid-size merchants. With this new product, Be Free also introduces the 1-Check program, which allows BFAST Express merchants to provide consolidated affiliate payments. If you become an affiliate of one or more of these merchants, the commissions you earn from them will be paid to you in one check.

The payment minimum for the consolidated check is $25. In order to allow affiliates time to join 1-Check merchants and start generating commissions, the first checks for the 1-Check program will be sent in August to affiliates that have met the consolidated payment minimum.

You can identify 1-Check merchants in the Partner Gateway by noting their special symbol . Merchants in the 1-Check program are identified in the Acclaim/1-Check column on the Join Merchants and My Merchant Partners sections. In the Merchant Detail, the 1-Check merchants have $25 Consolidated as their Payment Minimum.
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New Affiliate Agreement for 1-Check Merchants

To become an affiliate of a Be Free 1-Check merchant, you must accept a new affiliate agreement. This agreement establishes a contractual relationship between you and Be Free for the 1-Check merchant's program. A new agreement is necessary because 1-Check programs require support from Be Free to facilitate consolidated payments and provide support. When you check the agreement terms checkbox and apply to 1-Check merchants on the Partner Gateway, you are indicating that you accept this new agreement.
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Payment History Reports for 1-Check Merchants

If you partner with any of Be Free's 1-Check merchants, you have the option to run two different types of payment history reports. You can review a payment history for each of your 1-Check merchants, or you can use the 1-Check History report to review information about the consolidated checks that have been issued to you. The 1-Check History report also allows you to view detail for each check. This detail includes the Merchant Name, Commission Type, Description, and Amount for all merchants' payments that were included in a single check.
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