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    The nightmare began as this merchant along with the rest of the K-Mart bunch decided to jump ship at CJ. While at CJ, it was possible to use images from their sites and set the landing pages with the advanced options. I don't see any image link modification tools on here...only the text advanced feature. Is there an easy way around this that I can use?

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    Jarec, it's true that you cannot modify an image link to change the destination.

    The idea is that images links tied to a destination and it makes measuring effetivness of image links a challenge if you don't really know where they all land.

    I've always thought CJ's flexible destinations is cool from an affiliate perspective, but have wondered if it obscured the reporting at all for merchants. (or worse in that it obscures the reporting and they don't even realize it.)

    You can get what you want by taking the image tag from the banner link and insert it into a link that you make with the redirect link tool that you've seen. It's not as easy as a tool right in the image link interface, but you'll should find that that the redirect link follows a simple format that you can apply as needed.

    I hope this helps.


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