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    Hello all,

    We recently launched the sister site of in the BeFree Network. I was a bit dismayed by the lack of promotion our program was/is to receive during the initial launch. We were included in a new merchant's newletter with 30 other merchants. Granted, we were in the fifth spot down on the newsletter, but still diluted plenty by the other 29 new merchants included in that email.

    Also, as a new mechant I was given a list of about 130 'performance partners' of the Befree network, which I was initally very excited about, however when I emailed the list about our new program, several of the email address either bounced or failed. I was concerned with this obviously because one would think the list would be cleaner than that. I forwarded all the bad email address to my Rep. and he said he would take care of it.

    While we have already had 200 new affiliate join our program in the first 2 weeks and have already recorded several sales, I am encouraged about our success there. My question is this: How would a perspective affiliate or publisher know to join our program if they missed us in the 30 new merchants email or hadn't looked in the new merchants area in a while. It would be nice to be able to send a solo email announcement, like we can in CJ, to all the unjoined publishers, which I understand is not allowed. Also, to include some sort of program performance measure, like the EPC rating to convey how well our program performs in affiliate networks would be nice.

    How have other merchants dealt with these issues and what suggestions can affiliates give on how to pump up our BeFree program?

    Thank you,
    Evan -

    Evan Weber

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    I received that email and read its entirety and did notice the dentalplansdirect listing.

    Maybe it stood out to me because most of the other listings were sports sites.

    Might be good to get some content links up in addition to what you've already posted for affiliates to download.

    Don't know if this is typical, but I go into the interface specifically to check out new merchants about once a month. I'm guessing that most affiliates with a commitment to using the BeFree system profitably check in periodically for that purpose.

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    IMO, contact the Performance Partners in a seperate email to set up a conference call with a rep of theirs.

    For ones that respond, set it up, they will tell you if there is a fit. If you want to know why they did not respond, ask them.

    For the ones that do not respond, give a few of them a call to see if they have an interest. You need to do some legwork to get those affiliates to have a reason (in this case personal connection) to add you to there site. I would guess a lot of them have many things to do and adding a site is a process they do several times a month. The trick is to get them to add your site to theirs. Get yourself in the queue with a call, it will benefit in the future.


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    Agreed. You have to hit the phones with the performance partners. They have been really responsive if you get a quick consise message across about your intentions of wanting to run a test. Usually gets the ball rolling.

    IamJaloppy is right on in that they are busy and don't want the sales chit-chat. They are plenty smart to make the decision on their own. Key points to get across... money and produc fit to their site.

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