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    January 18th, 2005
    I was checking the list of merchants affiliated with Morpheus. B & N was listed and now i don't see them at the buyersport site. Does anybody know if they terminated their relationship with Morpheus?

    If all the girls lived up in trees, what a good climber johnnie would be.

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    Good catch - I just noticed the absense as well and was doing backtracking and found this.

    They still aren't there so I assume your statement has some likelyhood. Maybe a letter is in order to find out exactly if this is the case.

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    I don't know about the Morpheus part with B&N but I just clicked thru on my affiliate link to B&N and an eBates popup came up telling me that I was earning 4% if I bought something and my affiliate link was changed to eBates' affiliate link.

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    What's wrong with that? (joking) Our beloved CJ just gave them an award for Honesty and Integrity.
    Gee I wonder what dictionary they use.

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    Reviving this thread..

    Anyone know the current status of B&N regarding parasites? The Amazon boards are discussing scumware affiliates with some echoes of the indignation often expressed at ABW. I see mixed messages coming from Amz with Igive being dropped but Huntbar and others being featured as an affiliate "mover and shaker."

    As other reputed scumware sites are being outed as Amazon affiliates with no definitive and public stand against parasites in sight, I'm open to changing book merchants at our book review site.


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