At the end of August, notified affiliates of an upcoming free shipping deal. We figured this would be an ideal time to order a book through our affiliate link, and save on shipping to boot. I went to the site and read some of the information about registering and printing additional coupons:

It seems to me that this page clearly states that you register your book and then additional Entertainment books are $10 off. Right? So we ordered.

Fast forward a couple of weeks. Our Entertainment book arrives and we go and register it. Then we proceed to the purchase area to buy some additional books for friends and family thinking this is a pretty good deal--affiliate payment, free shipping deal that started September 2nd, and their advertised $10 off. We get there and the site is only showing $5 off. Thinking it must be an error, I emailed

Their reply? The $10 off isn't $10 off. It's $5 off and free shipping (valued at $5). Now normally this would make sense, but if I'm ordering 5 books is USPS shipping really $25? Doubtful.

I'm sending customers their way and I'm a bit concerned about this questionable method of calculation. Isn't this false advertising? $10 off should be $10 off. Nowhere does it state you cannot combine the $10 off and free shipping, and their site does not specify that "$10 off" means $5 off and free shipping.

Does this seem right to you guys?