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    January 18th, 2005
    In case you missed this I got this in my mail box...

    Thank you for your participation in the Pagoo Affiliate program. As a result of changes in the strategic direction of the company, Pagoo will be closing down its sales channel through BeFree as of October 15, 2003. Pagoo will pay commissions for sales through October 15, 2003. Final commission payments will be made on or before November 15, 2003. Please remove any and all links that you have to the Pagoo web site by no later than October 15, 2003 and verify your mailing address via the BeFree Partner Gateway to ensure your final commission check is delivered to the correct location. Questions can be directed to Richard Favro, President PTS Messaging Inc.



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    January 18th, 2005
    That's alright by me. I never could get any answers to my questions from their AM anyways.


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    No great loss.

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    hi chris,

    got the same email.. i only have one concern though.. i have a $23+ commish from them on my befree account.. a few dollars short of the minimum $25 payout.. i was wondering if i can sill recieve a commish considering my situation.. i tried asking Rick favro (President & CEO, PTS Messaging Inc (formerly Pagoo Inc.) and got an asnwer the he doesnt know..and that i would be defined with my agreement with BeFree.. i was wondering what is BeFree's stand on this.

    it is still a loss.. i have a few banners and pages promoting Pagoo.. now theyll never had a chance to earn bucks.. and it would be bothersome to edit them all. nevertheless thanks for the $23+ Pagoo!



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