I have several web sites. BeFree allows acceptance and rejection on a site by site basis. I have several merchants that have accepted one site and rejected all of the subsites.

Even worse, I've had merchants run a delete affiliate program that deleted all of the subsites that did not have sales (a big hassle, as it is easy to go several thousand impressions without a sale.)

Now, my assumption is that when a subsite is rejected, we are not to post ads on that site. The merchants don't seem to respond to any emails about this question.

My assumption now is that the merchant beFree control panel does not handle sub sites very well..

I think there should be a way for affiliates to mark that a group of sites are essentially the same...this would allow merchants to approve or reject blocks of sites.

I realize there is a challenge here because it is easy for an affiliate to sneak a porn site in with our "flowers are beautiful" sites.

sound thinking