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    I don't know if anyone else would appreciate this, but we would like to request more detail on the check stubs that are sent out from Befree for merchant payments.

    Specifically, one main component that is missing is the merchant it is being paid for. The stub has almost everything but the merchant name on it. Now the check itself does identify the merchant, which is great. We would not need to scan in the full check and could simply use the stub if that information was available on it.

    Who can we speak with to get this accomplished as easy as it should be to do?

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    easy as it should be to do?

    It does seem easy, doesn't it?

    We do recognize the need for this and it is on the list of things to do.

    Doing this requires that we touch the second most important and sacred process in our system: processing payments. We don't just slip in ANY change to that.

    You can proabably guess the first most important process....

    ...that's right! The scheduling system for the weekly massages.

    Seriously, and again, we do know this information is important. Thanks for your valuable feedback.



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