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    Just a heads up. In case you missed the email and have them. Will be moving to LS on Nov. 4, so if you have links, gotta change them.

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    Is Blue Nile going to settle up with their BeFree affiliate accounts that are owed less than their $100 minimum for a payout?

    I stopped promoting them a long time ago because I had to put on my bill collector's hat to get paid, but I still have commission earnings in my account.

    Know anything about this Scott? Are they going to stiff us?

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    Looks like my previous decision to pull their butts "just before the holidays" was a good decision despite the questioning of doing so.

    I got an email "I belive" friday of this change and there was no mention of datafeeds or processing or how to change those links at all.

    Does this seem like it's right? It's just to funny, not only were they terrible at converting, it seems they're terrible at their affiliate relations as well. I updated all my pages to redirect to a competitor. Good bye and good ridence - I won't be activating the account at LS.

    Child labor laws exist yet, parasite partnering merchants (PP Merchants) and the COC allow an adult affiliates income to be diverted into the pockets of parasites and consider it normal business!

    Why give parasites unlimited cookie durations and credit for sales where they divert our users and overwrite our cookies. PP merchants and the COC directly supports what many consider unfair trade practices, identity theft and thievery!

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