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    In yet another move by merchants to mess with sites at this time of the year I get this from BassPro this morning
    Heads up in case you don't get the mail
    I sent a short and curt note back to them.
    The lack of sales from them on my site and the impeccable timing of this during holiday buying will just see them come off my site instead.

    We want to make you aware of an important change that will take
    place in the Affiliate Program as of November 6th.

    All previously created Product Links will be redirected to our home page.
    In order to have your product links click through correctly, you must login
    to, go to the Bass Pro area, and get the new code for
    your product links.

    The links you currently have will still track correctly but will all point to
    our homepage. General homepage Text and Banner links do not need to
    be replaced.


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    Well at least they allow product links. So much I could sell for befree merchants if they would allow products links. Most of the ones I am interested in do not allow product links.

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    All previously created Product Links will be redirected to our home page.
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    Good grief, that's just ignorant. Why do companies do this during the 4th quarter? Why? Why? This should be on the 'note to self' page of the AM handbook: "Don't screw with affiliate links right before Xmas season."

    Is that so hard?

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    What an unbelievably idiotic thing to do.

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