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    Does anyone know the URL parameter that I can include to redirect the browser to another landing page then what is stored in BeFree's database?


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    I'm pretty sure it's different (or potentially different) for every merchant.

    Probably the most common I've seen is "bfpage=bfrd" and "bfurl={encoded_url}".

    You'll also want to see if the merchant has a "redirect" page on their site that all affiliate traffic has to go through to in order to be tracked.

    I'm sure someone from BeFree will reply soon, but that's what I've seen.

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    Michael's correct. We can support it, but not all merchants can track on any landing page.

    If there's no mention of redirect linking in the merchants' area in, ask them about it.

    Or drop me an email with some specifics and I'll tell you what I know.


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    Thank you for the rapid responses. I'll be sure to verify with the merchant before I use the capability.

    Have a great day.

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