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    January 18th, 2005
    I was cleaning up the datafeed you gave me for bestbuy? I found several links to bestbuy downloads without affiliate code? Whats up with this?

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    Hi starduchess,

    Yes, links inside the product description is a problem. We cannot turn them into affiliate links, case in point -- this one goes to digital river.

    We discourage this and I'll pass the feedback on to BestBuy, but it's often a balancing act between having pristine data and having a feed at all.

    Depending on the tools you have, you may be able to strip links out of descriptions yourself.


    p.s. I know you have another outstanding question. I don't have anything on that yet.

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    Staples wrote to me, they told me they only want affiliate sites that cater to businesses, not the general public. Too bad, they do not feel my sites have business traffic. My stats say otherwise. I have a peek of traffic at 11Am and another at 11PM. I do not think the thousands that look at my sites at 11AM are personal users? But who knows. They feel a mall is caters to personal users more than businesses. I just wonder if anyone will ever recognize that most of the users buying on the web have some business they either work for or manage!

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