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    January 17th, 2005
    Here's the article:

    What about our commissions?

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    Possibly because they are a FORCED SALES TACTIC.

    Buy 1 item get stuck trying to get rid of them forever.

    Time life is by far one of the worst PUSH FORCE marketing tactics around.

    Since 88 I have had a war with them. Buy one item - call, email, mail, and everything imaginable to get them to stop sending you stuff. NEVER WORKS

    I waited to pay them and finally stopped receiving things. PAID out of guilt; back again receiving stuff I did not want.

    To date I still owe them $20.00 only because if I pay I will get stuff again.


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    Hi Yikole,
    Please be assured that all commissions will be paid and will continue to be paid on a timely basis. Time-Life isn't going anywhere. If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact me offline at 703-838-7498 or

    Bill Moran
    Web Marketing Manager

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    Hi Bill Moran,

    Good to hear that.

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