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    Is BeFree much, much slower than the other networks on posting sales? I ask because I'm not showing anything with BeFree - have been with them 2 months! I have 1.28 CTR(487 clicks) with LS and 9 sales, .196 with CJ(3307 clicks) and 11 sales, and Befree shows CTR of 4.59 (975 clicks) and NO sales.

    Any ideas??



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    Our experience has been good regarding BeFree's posting of sales. Rarely more than a day or two behind, depending on the merchant. Most report on an hourly basis (for our merchants).

    For December 2003 and January 2004 MTD, we had 1,151 click-throughs, a CTR of 1.14% 39 sales for a conversion rate of 3.39%.

    Noticed that there are variances between months for each networks performance. Rarely do I see merchants from the networks perform consistantly from month-to-month. They seem to go from hot to cold and back again. Our sales also are influenced by other geographic markets since we also do business with European and Australian based merchants.

    You may want to visit the merchant's sites, envision yourself as a consumer - would you want to make a purchase? It could also be the quality of traffic being directed to your BeFree merchants. Using PPC with pretty generic terms appears to increase Click-Throughs, but doesn't translate into to sales very well.

    Just my two-cents worth.

    Paul K. Gjenvick, Webmaster, Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives

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    It really depends on the merchant. Probably half of the ones I work with report their sales the next day. Virtually all the rest report sales sometime within two or three days. A few take longer a week or longer. For comparison, this is basically the same as I see at Linkshare.

    Perhaps you just picked some merchants that don't convert as well. Overall, I don't see much difference between conversion ratios on Linkshare, CJ, and BeFree. Some specific merchants are far higher or lower than average, but the average of all merchants I work with is pretty much the same on all three networks.

    Michael Coley

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