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    Having sent 400 clicks to World of Watches with just one reversed sale I see they want to change image servers. This requires changing out all product amd banner links. I like their e-catalog -selection and prices but have no faith in their AM or tracking.

    What is the ABWers overall impression on this program as the only alternative is watches at Overstock?
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    Mike I'd say it's worth it if your stuff is organized in such a manner that you could replace all their links in a streamlined fashion. The "banner looking" product links bite anyway. And they don't convert the way they used to. My sales there slowed down noticeably on the exact day that the ex-AM left, and reversals soon followed.

    Princeton at CJ doesn't have as much selection as WoW but they convert pretty well. They've got a nice reel-em-in pitch.

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    I also do well with Fossil. With 15% commission the sales are nice

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