** Repost to bring this to Befree's attention **

I found a search type site today. rodar.com

You input your search term and it coughs up sites.

The kicker is, certain words in the the description of the sites are clickable and it appears that the owner of the serach site is putting their affilate links in OUR site descriptions, etc.

I used free coupon codes as a search term, knowing that Connies site ranks pretty high in google and this appears to be google based search.

Sure enough there she was, and words in her site description are highlighted, but I don't think this is her linkshare ID.

Linkshare ID in the link is: 5L2zZ0Lq3Zs

They are doing this with just about all affiliate programs from what I can see. I have seen the following BeFree siteid: 38309172

You can check it out here:

So, are they scamming on other peoples hard work or what?