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    *** I do not know how many of you check the Management Only Forum so I posted here***

    watch out guys- BIG HEADS UP

    the beFree fraud application ring is back BIG TIME and they are not easy to see which are legit and which applications are fraud. Please be careful!

    Yes there are some that have goofy names (Asian origins), email addresses, bank information etc. however there are some that I just cannot tell the difference and this morning I approved one called BUYAROCK, who's contact info, address and email all matched up and what happened? The owner got the acceptance email- then called me directly and accused me of spamming him and he was going to call my ISP

    So- I have spoken directly to Tech Support and Craig Palli as Craig is always my shoulder to cry on! Thanks Craig!

    Hopefully things will settle down- but be SO careful managers!

    Going forward I am going to have to personally call each applicant that I am in question of to see if they wanted to be a partner! Big time eater as that is about 40 a day right now , but I will not be accused of spamming. Until beFree can fix this it looks like that is what I will have to do.
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    Microsoft.Shop sends a snail mail confirmation agreement letter; you may want to look into that avenue.

    Not only will you have hard copy of an agreement, if the affiliate is willing to wait for the snail mail they are more than likely serious about promoting your program.

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    Anyone know what the angle of this fraud is? Doesn't seem like these people could do much if they never received the emails with account login and password information . . .

    I've had a couple people come back to me and tell me they received the welcome emails even though they didn't apply. We'll have to start keeping a closer eye on our applications as well.

    Thanks for the heads up.


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    Hi Jeff

    Yes that is the most puzzling part of it to me... The other odd thing is that some of them are using the "fast app"...

    Seems that you have to go through some sort of approval by beFree to use the fast app right?

    I trust that beFree is working on this, but it has been since March that I have been seeing this trouble.


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