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    We recently at Bluefly have been thinking about creating "smart codes", which are embedded link codes for the purpose to deter promo code poaching among affiliates. Has anyone had any success with such functionality or has come up with another way to provide promo codes that are undetectable via source code or by promo name?

    I welcome any and all feedback regarding this topic.

    Bluefly Affiliate Team

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    I suggest that as a first step Bluefly get rid of all the parasites you endorse that are stealing the commissions of the affiliates that support you.

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    One merchant gave me an exclusive code and I got credit for the sale everytime it was used. That way if someone scraped it off my site I still got the commission.
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    How does a parasite get in without the full knowledge of the merchant?

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    I haven't used the Bluefly program.

    If you have a "promo code" box in the check out process. Yes, I would drop it and fire the marketer who put it there. Promo code boxes in checkout screens literally force customers to halt the purchase process and search on the internet for a promo code...often they never come back. If they do, you just replaced a large margin sale with a small margin sale. Even worse, you just took money away from an adertviser who sent you quality traffic and gave it to some crappy SEO coupon site that loaded bluefly in a 1x1 iframe while your frustrated customer was on a hunt for promo codes.

    I am not sure what you mean by "smart promo."

    I can see great value in have special entry URLs for a site that set coupons and delete any affiliate tags. Such entry pages could be used in print ads and PPC search engines.

    However, such things are extremely scary from the affiliate point of view because there is a great temptation for the merchant to work such pages into a diversionary tactic. Such entry pages should appear any where in the page flow of a purchase. Such entry pages should not appear in any follow up emails sent to a client or in any of the customer surveys that you popup on your users.

    If you have a process that in any way delivers special "smart promos" to customers sent to you by affiliates, then your "smart promo" is by definition a diversionary tactic. Yes, that includes sending followup emails with smart promos in the time frame of the cookie.

    If your smart promo codes or smart URLs are used exclusively in print...then they are valid process.

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