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    Hi BeFree - could you please send some of your people over to CJ and fix it?



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    if you do not understand, things are just as they are.

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    Just don't send any mailroom gerbils their way as CJ still gets the checks out on time!!

    Mike & Charlie ...

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    Maybe Shareasale could lend them a hand on implementing that thar new-fangled real-time reporting technology we all been hearing about.

    "It be's dat way sumtimes." ~ Coco B. Ware

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    Yep, I think they need to send their engineers to SAS for some training courses. SAS is humming along just fine.

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    I was wondering . . . if SAS is so great . . . why is TrueTracker being created?
    BeFrees' ITs aren't doing much better as far as I can see, but I don't wanna turn this into a slam BF thread. There's problems everyfreakinwhere~! That isn't ever gonna change. I think the biggest problem is staying an affiliate-associate-publisher at all. Make the break . . . become the merchant.

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    Hi, Be Free,

    Could you teach the programmers at CJ
    how to code a home page that loads up fast?

    Your home page at loads like a home page should!! All your other pages that I visit load up like true champs!!

    CJ is about as fast as Granny's cold molasses on a winter day when loading their home page. I have noticed that CJ's home page loads faster with the Internet Exploder browser settings set to High Security. Could it be, CJ, that Active X junk is being bypassed?

    CJ's other pages are nothing to brag about either as far as speed.

    Hey CJ! When are you going to get rid of that
    junky overly bloated Macromedia Flash code?

    I hope Macrmedia goes out of business. I'm
    very tired of whacking about 50 Macromedia popups a day despite several popup blockers.

    CJ, Just thought you needed a friend to wake you up!! I like your site a lot except for your
    sloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow code.


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