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    I set up different BF accounts for each website and use different email accounts off my main website. Lately, I have been getting personal messages when I log into the different accounts that recent email sent to me was returned as undeliverable??? I use those same email addresses for CJ, SAS, and others and have never had a problem --- just BeFree. I make a test email to each account that bounced for BeFree and on each occasion, the email went through fine. No problems. I have contacted BeFree regarding this and no response from them. Can I just ignore the messages or will they shut down my accounts? Anyone every have similar problems?


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    Take off eh?
    Yup ... been happening for about a week.
    I was panicing thinking i was having mail server issues again until i realized it was on their end.
    Been away, now I'm back. Not as much, but I'm back & starting from scratch. Where I was, was fantastic. Where I am now, less so. Things have changed, become harder. So have I. Game ON!!!

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    better than CHECKS bouncing. Four of my checks bounced last month. BUT they were quick to notifiy me BEFORE it happened they were going to, due to internal error, and have offered to pay all bounced check fees. Very cool! :0)

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    Hi Guys,

    This is an automatic process that happens when an email that was sent out from BFAST bounces. There must have been some network issue somewhere that caused some good emails to bounce. It happens.

    The only purpose is to not keep sending emails to bad addresses and let you know so you can fix it. Your account will not be affected in any other way.

    If your email is correct, just edit your profile and save it (don't necessarly change anything.) That should reset the flag.

    You won't receive system emails until you do that.

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