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    If your interested, HSN has a popup now on there page, that requires anyone who wants to make a purchase must now acquie a password and login.

    Is this going to make buyers go elsewhere? How do our consumers/visitors/customers act towards sites that require this? Does it matter at all?

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    This privacy info scrapping technique means the merchant is desperate to suck off e-mail spamming info knowing they convert like crap from regular links and landing pages. Drop them like a rock.

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    Thanks for the advice, it will be done before the week is out.

    Update, I took them down and then the reports show sales ! The first time sales for them! Guess Ill keep them up for a bit.

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    HSN is basically an infomercial outfit thta runs a telemarketing call center and e-mail marketing campaign. The affiliate program is designed to entice users to call in their orders or sign up for e-mail speccials....not sales. Wanna bet they are a zero cookie day merchant. The popup requesting shoppers to have to register to get at the deals is their way of building a spam list and feeding their call center folks with fresh leads. They probably trolled this board and saw your post and added in one sale to smooth the masses. I have over 14 BeFree merchants that posted one sale in the first few weeks ...then zip for the next 12 months once they hook in more link exposure to try and reach the minimums.

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    Yep, they're a zero-cookie merchant. I looked it up a few days ago after they tried to recruit me.

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    I just wanted to take a moment and clear up some of the things being said about our affiliate program here at Sorry its so long, but I feel that these are issues that needed to be addressed.

    HSN generates $1.8 billion a year in sales each year. We are subsidiary of Barry Diller’s USAI and some of our sister companies are Expedia,, and We are one of the largest television networks in the world. In the past 12 months alone we have had 5 million customers that have made purchases with us.

    We take our affiliate program very seriously, and would not troll these boards and add false sales to someone’s account. We go to great lengths to ensure that our reporting is accurate and consistent, and would never add a false sale to someone’s account just to keep them on as an affiliate. Not only is it impossible from a systems standpoint, it's just not a sound business practice to mis-attribute revenue.

    The reason behind the new login feature was to make the buying process more efficient for customers, allowing them access to our new QuickBuy service. QuickBuy enables customers to make their purchases in just a few clicks, skipping the checkout process and ordering any single item from the product detail page. It is in no way a means of gathering spamming material or to enhance our telemarketing database. We have a strict no spam policy here at HSN. Any email correspondence is opt-in based or customer service related.

    Having said that, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our affiliate program and appreciate feedback from affiliates or potential affiliates. Currently, we are reviewing our commission structure. You'll find that our commission structure is high relative to other retailers to help encourage affiliates to give us good placement (in the current structure, affiliates can earn up to 10%, which some affiliates have done since August of 2001). Our conversion rates are among the highest in the industry; therefore, when we designed the program, it made sense for us to offer high commissions on the initial visit and no cookie-days. If affiliates would prefer lower commissions and cookies, to be more in line with industry standard, that is something we can definitely explore and we would welcome your thoughts.

    Anything we can do to improve our affiliate program is in everyone’s best interest. I look forward to your responses.


    Michael Cartwright
    Affiliate Marketing Specialist

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    Hi Michael!

    Nice to see you here!

    If you want to be on my site, I require 8% (if your prices are very competitive, 10%+ if they are not) a 45 day cookie and the cookie set to 'keep=yes'. Custom URL landing pages need to be enabled and working.

    When two merchants are equal I give preference to the one that ships internationally.

    Hope that helps! Nice looking site, BTW.


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    Thanks for clearing the fog

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    We have a strict no spam policy here at HSN

    My browser has been hijacked by midaddle and HSN ads are showing up on it. If advertising with a company like Midaddle isn't spam, I don't know what is.

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