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    January 17th, 2005
    What a surprise!!!!! VistaPrint just added a $1,375.00 commission to my account for an order of free business cards. Last month they gave me a $376.00 commission for an order of free business cards. This is what I love about the printing industry...when you want more money, you just fire up the presses.

    This is the way I always thought affiliate marketing should be. Unfortunately, they reversed the $376.00 commission...but I feel real good about this $1,375.00 one. Anyway, I am off to that pay day advance place that charges 40% interest on a loan so I can spend this money this month rather than waiting for the check.

    The pay day loan place also sells I won't have to make two stops.

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    Good one!

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    January 18th, 2005
    Sounds like last year when one of my penny stocks jumped from .91 to 52.00 over the weekend. Being that I had 1,000 of these suckers I instantly believed I just made $50,000

    Boy oh boy was my heart racing. I was actually running around, jumping up and down screaming whahoooo.

    What a shock when monday morning they opened at .91 again.

    Those dirty dirty rats

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    > VistaPrint just added

    Quick, where is the datafeed link.

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