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    Just as was the case with this thread from last year I'm getting multiple emails from merchants... again. As is the case with Mag-Agent reported by the affiliate manager to Befree LAST MONTH.

    Come on guys, it's got to be a setting somewhere, because I'm only getting 3 or 4 emails from most merchants (1 per website I'm using to promote them.) But with Magazine Agent, I just got 28 emails from them, 4 per site that I have signed up with them.

    Lord knows, I CAN'T be the only one
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    I always get 2 or 3 from each merchant. It has never stopped.

    I kept hearing "We're working on it" but it has never been cured for me.

    I agree it is a pain to get duplicates of every stinking email.

    I just started getting emails again from a merchant that I dropped over a year ago too. They stopped sending them for awhile after much complaining from me, and now they are right back at it again. Grrrrr
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    Yup, 4 from each merchant every time a mailing is sent and yesterday was a big day. I may start dropping BeFree merchants, it looks like a bunch are switching to CJ or other places, and I don't want even more emails followed by yet another slew telling me I have to swap out links.

    The point of having multiple sites was/is for tracking, not for giving BeFree more access to spam us.

    And one last thing, if merchants are paying PER EMAIL sent, they are getting royally screwed!!!!
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    I know when I checked with one merchant (Carolyn at Collectibles today)it had something to do with how many sites were registered with that particular merchant. She was aware of the issue but no one could seem to help her figure out how to use only one mailing instead of one per each site
    It truly is annoying, and I am sure it SHOULD be an easy fis

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