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    I've searched and searched and can't seem to find anything on the forums about checking for bad links. The programs I am affiliated with used to update their product databases once in a while (in the create product links section on but lately (over 6 months) all of the bad links stay in and to check you have to click on each and every product link on your page. Also, When creating new links you have to check each and every link, because over half of the items are sold out or no longer on the program site. I have written to the offending programs and they make no effort to update or reply.

    Is there a program for checking affiliate links that I am unfamiliar with?...

    Thank you,

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    Try XENU,, it's free and fast.


    [fixed link (removed the ',')]

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    Also see ... they do it, so NO software to download. it's not free but it's really cheap and they give you a free trial to check 100 pages. You can set it to masquerade as a browser, go slow or fast ... choose your settings, ignore certain URLS, etc., etc., and you can have thousands of links on a page, or just one, it's all the same! A penny a page, and you can place as small an order as you want to. When done, they email you to login, and you can follow the bad links right there online in their site.

    IMPORTANT!!!!! Be sure to click the thing on left side that says "forbidden access" ... then turn it ON. Some of the merchants don't allow robots and that way you can over-ride them. Just found this out the hard way with a BeFree site and rushed back here to edit post.

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    I just wanted to check back, I tried xenu and it works great... but with my affiliate pages it gives too many results and really takes just as long to click on each link.
    here's what it did:

    follow link
    redirected to cookietest
    redirected to merchant site
    redirected to product page

    the report:
    there were 40 products on the page(most of my pages have only 10-20), each link had a 5 line section, results were all mixed up, so you had to scroll up and down to match up the first set with the second, third and fourth... 2 of the links brought you to the homepage(manually clicked on each link), but by the time the xenu report got to that point the bfpid # was lost.

    link alarm reported all the links were ok... it didn't catch that two brought you to the homepage instead of teh product....

    I just don't get how everyone else checks links.. is everyone using the datafeeds?.. aren't they as unhappy as I am that sometimes as many as half of the links in the datafeeds are going to products pages that say "out of stock" or bring you to the merchants home page?.. especially at this time of year...

    last year I was able to go to the product activity report for befree merchants, and the products that were sold out had been removed from the database so that the id number showed up on the report without a description and I could remove the offending product from my pages with a simple search and replace procedure.. now those products still have their description... I am getting in excess of 500 clicks a day with hardly any sales (total for befree links)... ;o(... I'm manually checking links as fast as I can, but with a 26k connection (no other alternative, images off in browser of course), it still isn't fast enough...


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    *sigh*.. I really want to be able to offer my visitor links that work and direct you to the correct product, especially at this time of year.

    I started to create new links for *** the other day and out of 20 search results for "christmas" only 6 of the links worked.

    I downloaded the *** database on the 11th for another store and just tested the first 10 links on "Bed Pillows" and only 2 products were available. On the Toys page only 1 of the first 10 products was available.

    How can anybody make money when the stores refuse to keep the links up to date?... and of course those stores are also sending me tons of email directing me to update my links...

    Traffic is up to 1100 clicks a day...
    Only 2 orders...
    Used to get 1 order per 100 clicks...

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