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    Well at least they are honest.As the number one retailer they can do as they want.There are many merchants who operate affilate programs who have no intentions of paying affilates,some of which post here. Lets face it,it's cheap advertising.You pay the network your monthly operating fee's and suck up hundreds of visitors from affilate sites. That where cookies come into play. A sincere merchant would have a 365 day limit. Have you ever gone shopping to a mall with your wife? Mine does not buy at the first store she visits,but checks out all 500 stores in the mall and ends up going back.This is the same idea behind extented cookies.
    What we should do.
    ATTENTION MERCHANT.We have listed your site as an affiliate.Our rate is $5.00 per month and will not be charged if the commission generated is greater then $5.00.This is for you affiliates that generate lots of traffic.
    When shopping in the Mall with my wife,I find the closest bar.

    Where Do You Want To Be Tomorrow?

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    I make sales for walmart mostly for things they don't stock in the store. Why am I going to order online when there is a walmart on every corner?

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