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    Favorite part:

    "Adware" programs like WhenU do not collect personal information from consumers, several peer-to-peer executives said, and users can easily remove them if they wish.

    "The adware guys realize they're being lumped in as spyware, and I think they're cleaning up their act a lot," said Wayne Rosso, chief executive of Optisoft SL, which makes the Blubster file-sharing application.

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    Great read on what was presented to the FTC on Monday for new legislation muzzling the spyware/adware/malware wanks causing 300 million web surfers a pile of grief.

    ...."Users should have control over what programs are installed on their computers and over how their Internet connections are used. They should be able to rely on a predictable web-browsing experience to remove for any reason and at any time programs they don't want. The widespread proliferation of invasive software applications takes away this control.

    Better consumer education, industry self-regulation, and new anti-spyware tools are all key to addressing this problem. New laws, if carefully crafted, may also have a role to play. Many spyware practices, however, are already illegal. Even before passing new legislation, existing fraud statutes should be robustly enforced against the distributors of these programs.

    The potential of the Internet will be substantially harmed if users come to believe that they cannot use the Internet without being at risk of infection from spyware applications. We must find creative ways to address this problem through law, technology, public education and industry initiatives if the Internet is to continue to flourish." ....

    Prepared Statement of Jerry Berman, President of the Center For Democracy & Technology

    Before The Senate Committee On Commerce, Science, And Transportation Subcommittee on Communications ...On The SPY BLOCK Act

    great website for educating your shoppers to the dangers of spyware/adware...
    Webmaster's... Mike and Charlie

    "What have you done today to put real value into a referral click...from a shoppers viewpoint!"

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